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Disability Claims

Social Security Disability Claims

If your SSD claim has been denied, it can be a long a frustrating process to obtain benefits. It can take from six months to several years before your case is even heard before an administrative law judge. It helps to have an experienced lawyer by your side, advising you every step of the way. At Nussbaum, Trussell & Cockrill, P.A., we take disability cases to win them and are able to pursue cases through federal district and appellate court. We are successful more than 80 percent of the time and pursue every avenue of recovery on behalf of clients.

Call 501-859-0378 or contact us by e-mail for a free consultation with an experienced disability benefits attorney. We collect no attorneys fee unless we recover benefits for your.

Social Security Law

By utilizing tools available under Social Security Disability laws, we are helping people who have a hard time getting help anywhere else. Our clients are often injured workers who were their family's primary source of income. After working hard, they had a comfortable life, but when a serious injury or accident occurs, they are suddenly out of a paycheck, and worse, denied benefits. We take a strategic and aggressive approach to help our clients recover the benefits they deserve.

If Your Social Security Disability Benefits Have Been Denied:

Once a person's claim for SSD benefits is denied, he or she is on a process that can take months or years to resolve. It helps to have an experienced lawyer by your side who understands the process and what it takes to represent you.

What Makes Our Social Security Disability Firm Different

Loyal, trusted, support: Attorneys and staff from our firm know the stresses faced by our clients and are committed to achieving efficient, effective results.

Strategic advocacy: Through negotiations, trial, and aggressive advocacy, we are committed to protecting the rights of our clients.

Thorough investigation for documentation: We know that hale the battle is collecting the right documentation and presenting it in a compelling, effective manner. Our attorneys will work with medical and other professional experts to secure your benefits.

We take cases to win: Our firm is committed to taking cases as far as they need to go, including to federal district and appellate court. You never have to pay attorneys fees unless we recover benefits in your case.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in disability claims involving:

For a free consultation, please feel free to contact our office by e-mail or call 501-859-0378 to speak directly with our Little Rock, Arkansas, disability lawyers.

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