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Obtaining Medical Treatment for Disabilities

Obtaining Medical Treatment for Disabilities

One of the biggest obstacles faced by people with serious injury or permanent disability is seeking the medical treatment they need. Some will even stop going to the doctor because they can't afford it. Stopping medical treatment is a grave mistake — not only do you risk your health, but you may also lose your right to future benefits for failing to seek treatment. At Nussbaum, Trussell & Cockrill, P.A., our attorneys are experienced in working with individuals, who cannot afford treatment, seek the benefits they need and deserve.

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It is essential to the success of your Social Security Disability benefits claim that you receive medical treatment as soon as possible. If you are not receiving treatment, those who review your case may think your disability is not as serious as you say it is.

Seek and Follow Medical Treatment Immediately After You Are Injured

After an accident or injury, it is critical that you visit a doctor and follow any prescribed treatment. This will ensure that you are properly treated for your injuries and that you are able to document the full extent of your disabilities in the future.

Difficulties With Medical Insurance and Paying Medical Expenses

Even if you have lost health insurance, there are options such as university hospitals and other facilities that provide medical care to people who cannot afford insurance. If you are having a difficult time seeking care or obtaining the right treatment, please contact our office. We will review the facts of your case and help you find the right resources for treatment.

Establish a Good Relationship With Your Doctor as Soon as Possible

It is vital to establish a good relationship with your treating doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor's opinions and documentation from your medical file will be important elements in proving your disability claim and helping you obtain benefits.

Be Honest and Open About Your Injuries and Symptoms

Do not exaggerate your claim or hold back information about your symptoms. Be honest with your doctor and honest with the judge. This is the surest way to obtain the benefits you need and deserve. The opinions of your treating doctors carry a great deal of weight with the judge. That is why it is important for you to be honest and candid with a judge and to follow the doctor's recommendations. Your goal should be recovery if that is possible. You may be able to recover enough to work again. In that case, Social Security can still pay you benefits for the period of time you were disabled.

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