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Railroad Retirement Disability

Railroad Employee Retirement and Disability Lawyers

Injured railroad workers are not governed under the same workers' compensation laws as other employees. They receive funding under a unique system after disability or retirement. At Nussbaum, Trussell & Cockrill, P.A., we have an in-depth knowledge of the complexities involving railroad worker disability benefits and can aggressively protect your rights and interests.

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The determination of the availability of benefits is made by the Railroad Retirement Board. Our attorneys are experienced in handling the nuances and complexities of FELA cases and can effectively represent your rights and interests. We work with doctors and other professionals who can assist in proving your case and taking legal action to secure your right to benefits.

Occupational Disability Benefits

Throughout your employment as a railroad worker, you contributed to a retirement system managed by the Railroad Retirement Board. Under this system, you are entitled to "occupational disability benefits" if you have contributed more that 20 years of service to the railroad. If you qualify, you are entitled to a monthly disability benefit based on your prior wages. Our attorneys will begin an immediate investigation to determine whether you are qualified for this benefit and to help produce and the necessary documentation for your case.

Total Disability Benefits

You may also qualify for "total disability benefits" if you are totally disabled from all forms of regular gainful work activity. Standards for total disability benefits are stringent and can be difficult to prove. Our attorneys are experienced in demonstrating that your injuries or diseases qualify as a "total disability" and that you are entitled to benefits.

Appealing a Denied Benefits Claim

If you have worked for a railroad or otherwise are covered by the railroad retirement system, and are told that you are not disabled, we can help you appeal your claim. If the Railroad Retirement Board denies, reduce, or ends your benefits, or claims you were overpaid, we can help you appeal that decision as well. We are experienced in making sure covered workers get the benefits they deserve.

For a free consultation, please feel free to contact our office by e-mail or call 501-859-0378 or to speak directly with our Little Rock, Arkansas, disability lawyers.

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